Concentration in Rhetoric & Teaching Writing (MA-RTW)

Concentration in Rhetoric & Teaching Writing (MA-RTW)

The concentration provides overviews of history, research, major and emerging voices, and important questions in composition, rhetoric, and pedagogy. The theory and research base prepares students for the writing classroom and for further graduate work. Students in the concentration will also have opportunities to teach and carry out institutional research.

Beyond the general requirements noted above, students in the MA-RTW concentration must take the following core courses and an additional 9-12 units planned in consultation with the concentration coordinator:

ENGL 5001 History and Research Methods in Composition and Rhetoric, 3 units
ENGL 5010 Seminar: Composition and Rhetoric (may be taken twice for credit), 3 units
ENGL 5020 Assessment in English
ENGL 5870 Practicum: Writing and Teaching of Composition, 3 units
ENGL 5894 Teaching College Composition and Literature, 3 units
ENGL 5941 Internship in Teaching Writing
By taking additional units, beyond 30, students may combine this concentration with LIT or TESOL.

Comprehensive Examinations

Students in the RTW concentration have 72 hours to write in response to two questions covering a required reading list supplemented by an additional list developed in consultation with the advisory committee.

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Grading options for comprehensive examinations will be "no pass," "pass," and "high pass." Evaluation for the overall examination may be designated as high pass by unanimous agreement of the student€™s examination committee.