Dr. M. Blake Wilson

Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice
Tel: 209-667-3426, Fax: 209.664.7134
Email: mwilson15@csustan.edu

Working within the Department’s concentration in Criminal Legal Studies, Dr. Wilson is also pleased to serve as Director of the Pre-Law Resource Center, the Stan State pre law adviser, and faculty adviser for the Stan State Pre Law Society student club. 

His law and social/political theory work focuses on the role of rights in response to assertions of state authority, and whether law and the political process provides adequate opportunities for just allocations of those rights between the often-conflicting interests of individuals and communities. He is primarily concerned with the right against punishment and the right to property.

His teaching and research aims at understanding how law – and criminal law in particular – operates as a concrete social practice through the use of law enforcement, courts, and the criminal justice system overall. Dr. Wilson is currently working on answers to the problems of mass incarceration, the collateral consequences of criminal convictions, and differential punishment. 

As an attorney, Dr. Wilson has tried cases in dozens of California state and appellate courts, and several Federal District courts. He is currently licensed in California (1993) and New York (2015), and formerly licensed in Colorado (2009). He has worked as both a private attorney and a court-appointed ‘private defender’ on behalf of the indigent. Dr. Wilson’s specialization in criminal law and defense includes extensive hands-on experience within the institutions of the criminal law such as the prison system, the methodologies of sentencing and punishment, and constitutional criminal procedure.  He also maintains abiding interests and scholarship efforts in 19th-20th century German philosophy in general, and Nietzsche studies in particular. 


Ph.D. – The State University of New York at Binghamton 

J.D. – University of the Pacific/McGeorge School of Law

MA – San Diego State University

BA – San Francisco State University