The College of Education, Kinesiology & Social Work offers both initial and advanced credential and certificate programs that are approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC), Master of Arts programs, and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership.

Mission Statement:
Preparing Leaders in Learning

The mission of the College of Education, Kinesiology & Social Work is to engage faculty and students in instruction, scholarship, and professional experiences that provide subject-specific, pedagogical, and practical knowledge essential for planning, implementing and assessing educationally-related activities. We are committed to the development of diverse educational leaders who meet the needs of a multicultural and multilingual society.  Our programs are designed to advance the ethical behaviors and professional leadership capacities of students through participation in coursework, field experiences, and scholarly activities that together cultivate reflection and encourage innovation in educational settings. We provide multiple and systematic opportunities for students to make connections between their professional responsibilities and their roles as educational leaders in the larger society, and to serve as advocates for children, families, and communities.

Vision Statement:
Enhancing Life-long Learning

The preparation programs in the College of Education, Kinesiology & Social Work strive to instill professional habits that result in life-long learning. We endeavor to prepare educators who impact positively and optimally on the academic achievement and well-being of all of their P-14 pupils. To this end, we model a culture of educational accessibility and respect for diversity, we foster a climate of intellectual engagement and rigor, and we model systematic use of assessment and reflection to inform decision-making. We strive to ensure that College of Education, Kinesiology & Social Work students, faculty, and staff reflect the diversity of our local communities, possess the competence and confidence to provide leadership in their professional roles, and actively pursue personal and professional life-long learning.

Updated: December 15, 2021