Proposal Guidelines

Proposal for the Establishment of a Center or Institute. To seek approval for the establishment of a center or institute, the proposer should submit a written proposal that includes the following information:

  1. Purpose of the unit.
  2. Need for the unit.
  3. Nature and scope of activities to be performed.
  4. Curricular offerings, if any. Include an academic rationale for the need of this unit to offer courses or programs. Also provide evidence that academic departments affected by curricular offerings have been consulted and approve of the planned curricular offerings.
  5. Personnel, including administrator of the unit, advisory board members (if appropriate), faculty membership, staff, and student involvement.
  6. Organizational chart which illustrates the administrative reporting structure and the relationship with academic departments. Also include evidence of approval by academic departments which may participate in or be affected by the unit's activities.
  7. Fiscal resources, including the sources, duration, and a 3-year annual projected budget as well as a clear statement of expectations of financial contributions of the University's commitment during the duration of the unit's operation.

    Funds from all grants and contracts which sponsor research, development, demonstration projects, community service, instruction, and training from any external source shall be housed in the CSU Stanislaus Foundation or in the University Accounting Office. No private accounts of funds used in the operations of a unit shall be permitted.

    The CSU Stanislaus Foundation or the University Accounting Office shall provide periodic and annual reports on unit funds. These reports are required documentation for the review of the unit. 
  8. Other resources, including space, equipment, and technological requirements, including a clear statement of expectations of the University's commitment during the duration of the unit's operation.
  9. Regulations of external governing or regulatory agencies (as appropriate). j. Disclosure (including compliance with campus policy on conflict of interest).
  10. Assessment Plan, including indicators of success and achievement of unit goals.

Review of the Establishment Proposal

For a center or institute to operate, it must have the approval of (a) the College Dean who shall consult with the appropriate College governance committee and with the appropriate Department Chair(s); (b) the Provost who shall consult with the University Educational Policies Committee and with the Provost's Deans Council; and (c) the President.

Procedures for the Establishment and Continuance of Centers and Institutes

University Education Policies Committee (UEPC) approved 1/25/96.