Annual Report

The unit administrator shall report the activities and financial condition of the unit annually to the Provost or College Dean as appropriate. The report shall also contain any requests for University contribution of funds and shall be considered as part of the University's budgeting process. 

Centers and Institutes Review (CIR)

A unit shall be authorized for a period of operation for a maximum of five years. Upon review of annual reports and a 5-year "Continuation Report," the Provost or College Dean shall recommend continuation or discontinuation to the UEPC. The Provost, on the advice of the UEPC and the Dean/Administrator, shall provide written authorization for continuation or for discontinuation. If a unit is granted continuation, the unit will be authorized for a maximum of five years before another continuation review is required. A center and institute may be reviewed as a prt of the larger administrative units Support Unit Review. 

Review Calendar

The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs shall maintain the unit review calendar (consistent with the University's regular 5-year program reviews) and will notify units that are subject to review the following academic year.

Schedule of Review for Centers & Institutes 

Review Criteria

The unit administrator, the UEPC, and the reviewing administrators shall consider the following criteria in preparing reports and recommendations:

  1. Progress Towards Goals. Progress has been made on its goals, and objectives have been achieved as evidenced by the assessment criteria of the establishment proposal.
  2. Support of University Mission. Evidence is provided that demonstrates that the unit contributes to the mission of the University.
  3. Financial Independence. Evidence is provided that demonstrates that the unit is financially viable.
  4. Adherence to University Policies and Procedures. Evidence is provided that demonstrates that the unit adheres to University policies and procedures with regard to curriculum, personnel, students, and finances. 

Format for Preparing Center/Institute Review

Updated: September 06, 2023