Policy on the Establishment of Centers & Institutes

Special units (normally referred to as centers and institutes) that use University resources or that use the name of the University must be established and reviewed in accordance with University procedures and approved by the President or designee. A center or institute may be established in order to provide for the enhancement of instruction through the conduct of research, the performance of public service, or other goals as consistent with the University's mission. A center or institute provides services to on-campus and off-campus populations with the assistance of faculty directors. It is the intent that centers and institutes encourage interdepartmental cooperation, collaboration, and innovative programming. Centers and institutes must exercise fiscal accountability. 

Policy on the Establishment of Centers & Institutes.pdf

University Educational Policies Committee approved 1/18/96.
Academic Senate approved 1/23/96.
President Hughes approved 3/20/96.

Updated: September 06, 2023