Child Development B.A.

The Child Development Major is organized around six broad competencies-child development knowledge/foundations; the research process; legal, ethical, and pragmatic issues; professionalism; personal and interpersonal skills; developmentally-appropriate practices; and integration of a personal/professional worldview. Students are introduced to these competencies at the beginning of their program and compile a professional portfolio to document their progress throughout the academic program. These portfolios are presented at the end of the program.

The Major

The program leading to a Bachelor of Arts, Child Development provides students with a background of knowledge and skills in child growth and development. The degree is delivered by the Department of Psychology and Child Development. Courses are selected from child development and related fields, and include laboratory and field experiences at the Stanislaus State Child Development Center as well as other applied settings. The Child Development major is designed to prepare students for professional occupations with children and families as well as to prepare students to pursue advanced studies or research careers.

All students are expected to:

  • Complete the prerequisites to the major
  • Complete a professional development class
  • Complete a core of required courses
  • Complete one of the tracks described
  • Complete a capstone senior seminar and corequisite internship.

Program Tracks

The Child Development Program offers a variety of courses for different career and educational goals. The professional tracks are designed to provide students with specialized knowledge and abilities.

  • The Services Track has coursework focused on working in the community, providing services to families or intervention services. This track prepares students to meet the social welfare and guidance needs of young children, parents, families, and the community in agencies, parent education programs, foster care, etc.

  • The General Track is for students who wish to tailor their academic programs to a particular developmental focus. A general track plan of thematically related units must be developed with the student's academic adviser and submitted for the Child Development Committee's approval prior to completion of coursework. The requirements for the General Track are shown in the catalog sections that follow and on the general track plan form.

Updated: July 06, 2023