Fieldwork in Child Development FAQ

What is fieldwork?

  • Fieldwork is a requirement for CDEV majors, however minors and concentrations may also participate. It is recommended that you do not wait until your final semester(s) to enroll in fieldwork.

How many units of fieldwork do I need to take for my track?

  • Early Childhood: 1 unit (outside of CDC internship)
  • Middle Childhood: 2 units (recommended over two semesters)
  • Services: 2 units (recommended over two semesters)

What are the prerequisites?

  • Students must have completed CDEV/PSYC 3010 and CDEV/PSYC 3140 prior to enrolling in fieldwork. (Note: the prefix for the course does not matter.)

Can I earn a letter grade for fieldwork?

  • No. Fieldwork is a Credit (CR) or No Credit (NC) course.

What do I have to do for fieldwork?

  • Each unit of fieldwork requires at least 48 hours of participation. This averages to 4 hours a week for 12 consecutive weeks of the 15-week semester after registration and preparation is complete.

How do I enroll?

  • Enrolling in fieldwork requires Special Registration. Enrollment cannot be completed online.

Where do I go for fieldwork?

  • Fieldwork is not a class with a designated schedule or meeting place. You will arrange your days/hours with your fieldwork site. There is a list of approved sites available on