Leaves and Awards Committee (LAC)

The LAC shall be composed of five tenured voting faculty unit employees, with no more than two of the five tenured voting faculty unit employees from any one college. The membership may include no more than two librarians and/or counselors. All committee members shall be elected by tenured and probationary faculty unit employees. Members of the LAC are not eligible to apply for Sabbaticals and RSCA Grants. If someone on the LAC is nominated for the Outstanding Professor/ RSCA/Community Service/Faculty Governance Award and wants to submit a file, they would have to remove themselves from LAC for the term affected. Members of the LAC should avoid providing a letter of support for any applicant.


  • Recommend policies and procedures to the Academic Senate concerning faculty leaves and awards;
  • Make specific recommendations consistent with established policies and procedures, to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding the granting of faculty leaves and awards, following the specific guidelines for these awards.
  • Review the merits of Emeritus Professor Status for nominations of those members not qualifying with 15 or more years of service, in accordance with 4/AS/92/FAC Policy on Emeritus/Emerita Professor Status.

2023-24 Meetings

The LAC meets as needed.

Please contact Minerva Perez for questions 
on how to apply for leaves and awards. 


LAC Calendar 

Faculty Recognition Award Guidelines:

2023-24 Membership

  • Victor Luevano, Chair, COS
  • Erin Hall, COEKSW
  • Jennifer Whitmer, CAHSS
  • Steven Wood, CAHSS
  • Bjorg Johannsdottir, COS

Updated: October 09, 2023