Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the official representative body of the General Faculty, composed of the members of the Executive Committee of the Senate, the General faculty's representatives to the Statewide Academic Senate, an elected faculty representative from each academic department, the library, counseling unit, and one representative from the Emeritus and Retired Professors' Association, one lecturer representative, one coach representative, one staff representative, two students, the Provost/VPAA and the VP of Student Affairs. It is constituted to formulate and evaluate policy and procedures on academic, personnel and fiscal matters and make recommendations to the President. There are eight standing committees of the Academic Senate, four subcommittees and a varying number of ad hoc committees. The function of these committees is to consider all aspects of any matters referred by the Senate Executive Committee or Academic Senate and recommend action for the Academic Senate.


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Academic Year 2020/2021 

  • Keith Nainby, Speaker 
  • Maryann Hight, Speaker-elect


COVID-19 Resolutions and Policies

Senate One Drive

Standing Rules of the Academic Senate

 Faculty Governance Committees List