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July 27, 28, & 29; Fall, Winter, and Spring TBD


K-12 Teachers – All disciplines
• 2-3 years teaching experience preferred
• Site, discipline, and grade-level teams encouraged to apply


Let’s get outdoors! Our learning lab will include field studies of the upper and lower Tuolumne River watershed -- from Yosemite to Modesto, the San Luis and Merced Refuges, and other sites to be determined.

Person holding a small plant and soil in their hands.


We depend on water for survival:  Water will be our lens as we explore global competence, environmental literacy, and issues of access across a variety of San Joaquin Valley stakeholders. What is sustainable use?  What is just?

Our journey will begin virtually, but will morph into an experiential, place-based field study. 

Plan on a seasonal exploration of the ecological diversity that comprises our water infrastructure.  Over the course of the year, we will explore data sets, history, geology, geography, ecology, and issues of access that make Mark Twain’s iconic quote as relevant now as it was in the 19th century: “Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting.”

Participants will be able to collaborate with peers as we identify and utilize practical interdisciplinary resources and strategies that will inspire inquiry and investigation of our water resources.  Content, field studies, resources and pedagogical ideas for student action plans will be tailored to the group’s needs.


Our Application flyer with additional details including stipends and Continuing Education Credits (May, 2021).


For further information, please contact Maureen McCorry, Site Director, CGEP@StanState via email:

Updated: July 11, 2023