California Global Education Project

California Global Education Project (CGEP) @ Stan State is officially commencing operations on July 1, 2020, and will serve Central Valley region of California, from Stockton to Madera. CGEP @ Stan State is based in the College of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) at California State University, Stanislaus.

Our Regional Director, Maureen McCorry, is someone deeply rooted in the valley, home grown to the core, and enriched with global perspective and diverse K-12 experience. Under Maureen’s leadership,
CGEP @ Stan State will focus its efforts during 2020-21 on developing partnerships and providing professional development programs for K-12 educators throughout our Central Valley region.

CAHSS provides transformative educational experiences through teaching, research, and key initiatives. The college prepares undergraduates and graduate students, including curricular support for future credential candidates, to advocate for social justice in their learning and throughout their careers so that students, schools, and communities may flourish. Core values include the belief that examining and respecting human differences is central to educational inclusivity, and that collaboration and community partnerships strengthen this work. The college takes a critical and reflective stance in light of educational and social inequities, including sponsorship of an annual social justice conference and related talks throughout the year, and remains committed to equity and access in education for all while promoting meaningful learning through theoretically sound and research-based pedagogies. We emphasize the cultivation of Civic Engagement, enhanced Social Competency, and interdisciplinary facets of Global Education. We are well primed to support CGEP’s mission of helping K-12 teachers in our region understand and draw students into embracing global competencies, cross-cultural exchanges and the rich cultural capital reflected in the makeup of our diverse Central Valley communities.

The vision for CGEP @ Stan State is to ensure that the diversity, cultural heritage, history, and ecological resources form the basis for a globally inspired, interdisciplinary curriculum in our region. Culturally responsive teaching and curriculum is a key focus of the FAIR Act – our regional CGEP site is intended to serve as a Professional Learning resource, sponsoring relevant, timely and engaging global education programming for Central Valley teachers.