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Ashley Mansfield.

Ashley Mansfield
Student Success Coordinator

Hey, there Warriors, my name is Ashley Mansfield, and I am your Student Success Coordinator. Together, with my team of Transfer Peer Mentors and the College Possible Success Coaches, we aim to deliver holistic support to you, as a transfer student. As a two-time transfer student, myself, I understand that the success of a transfer student depends on a seamless transition process from community college to the university. We are here to help, any and ALL transfer students at Stan State. Go Warriors!

Meet the Transfer Peer Mentor Team

The Transfer Peer Mentors (TPM) are here to help you set goals, make connections, navigate Stan State online systems, and help YOU be the best YOU at Stan State. Reach out to your Peer Mentor Today!



TPM Jaycee

My name is Jaycee, and I am a Philosophy major with a minor in Psychology. As a fourth year, I am working towards being in the credential program and my goal is to teach in K-8th grade because I am very passionate about education and helping others!



TPM Miranda

My name is Miranda, I am a third-year, and my major is Criminal Justice and Psychology. I like being a Transfer Peer Mentor because I enjoy making transfer students transition smoothly to a new campus!





Hi everyone, my name is Ila! I transferred to Stanislaus State from Modesto Junior College in 2018. I went on to receive my B.A. in Psychology and I am in the Masters for Counselor Education program. This is my second year being a Transfer Peer Mentor and working with transfer students in higher education is my passion.



TPM David

My name is Weicheng (David) Huang and I am a Mathematics major. I was born in Taiwan, grew up in China, and came to the U.S. during high school. I attended Modesto Junior College, then transferred to Stanislaus State. After becoming familiar with Stanislaus State's class structure, campus programs, and faculty, I am excited to help new students with their own personal and academic goals.



TPM Corrina

Hello my name is Corrina Pedreiro and I am a fourth-year and my major is Liberal Studies! I love being a Transfer Peer Mentor because I enjoy helping students and I want to see them achieve their goals! I am excited to guide and support students during their college journey at Stanislaus State.




Hello my name is Ana Villanueva Guillen. When I transferred to Stan State, I had a hard time figuring out who to talk to about registering for classes, how to find an advisor, and who to talk to about financial aid. As a Transfer Peer Mentor, I will be able to help your academic transition go smoother than mine. My time at Stan State also introduced me to many students who are involved in almost everything on campus. If you are interested, I can help introduce you to someone involved in the same thing that you are interested in. If I can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Meet the Success Coaches


Success Coach: Alondra Hernandez

Hello, my name is Alondra, I am a recent Stan alum. I work for the Stockton campus as a Success Coach and am currently pursuing my master's in counseling. I enjoy video games, anime, drawing, and I like turtles. My favorite thing about Stan is the community, I love how helpful everyone is. I’m a big fan of the diversity Stanislaus State offers, as well as its clubs and orgs. There is something for everyone here, I always recommend getting involved for the best experience. Go, Warriors!


Success Coach: Nadia Ahmadi

Hello, my name is Nadia. I am a first-generation student currently pursuing my master’s degree in Public Administration. I work as a College Possible Success Coach at the Stockton Campus. As your coach, I hope to provide you with the academic tools, skills, and support needed to thrive during your academic journey at Stan State. Please reach out if you have any questions.




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