Our vision is to be the center of excellence in advising and academic success for all undergraduates at Stanislaus State.

In support of the University's mission, the Advising and Success Center provides high quality academic advising to the campus community that is accurate, consistent and timely. We contribute to student success by guiding them to develop meaningful educational plans compatible with their career and life goals.

We are a student-centered organization passionate about student success. We provide multidimensional advising that considers each student’s individual characteristics, encourages them to assume responsibility for their education, helps them integrate academic, career and life goals, refers them to appropriate resources to solve academic and non-academic problems, and provides them accurate information about degree requirements and polices and procedures.

We encourage students to be fully engaged, responsible citizens with the knowledge, skills, and desire to improve self and community; advocate learning that encompasses lifelong exploration and discovery; counsel intellectual integrity, personal responsibility, and self-awareness; contribute to a student-centered community committed to a welcoming, caring, non-judgmental, diverse learning-focused environment; and support the mission by demonstrating excellence in the knowledge, skills and values we bring to advising.

Updated: March 01, 2024