Financial Assistance

Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW)

Students, who participate fully in the facilitated or self-facilitated workshops and receive a B or better in the corresponding course and CR in the lab, will qualify and become eligible for textbook reimbursement.

Math/Science Textbook Reimbursement. LSAMP will provide funds to reimburse STEM textbook costs for upper level LSAMP students (juniors and seniors) who maintain a "B" or better GPA in all STEM courses during their participation in LSAMP. Participants will be required to submit a receipt and a copy of the syllabus stating the textbook requirement. Enrollment will be verified. Reimbursement will be limited to $200 per semester per student.

Student Research Program

LSAMP students who join a faculty member to participate in research may receive up to $4000/year in stipend monies. Monies will be awarded based on a project proposal with budget submitted by the student and faculty member to the LSAMP coordinator. Receipt of awards will be dependent on student authored research project progress reports and on written faculty evaluation of student performance.

Student Academic Excellence Workshop Facilitator

Qualified students may be hired to facilitate AEWs.

Graduate School Application Assistance

LSAMP Students applying to graduate school may be eligible to GRE test fee reimbursement and application fee reimbursement.

Community College Transfer Scholars Program

California State University, Stanislaus will nominate up to 3 LSAMP students to be CSU-LSAMP Community College Scholars. The CSU-LSAMP Statewide Office funds the CSU-LSAMP Community College Transfer Scholars Program, which provides three (3) new transfer students with $1,000 during their first year in the CSU. Students will be expected to participate in a program of activities during their first year that is developed in conjunction with the campus coordinator. Applications are available in the LSAMP office.