About the Program

Students (usually after their sophomore year) are eligible for paid research internships related to their majors during the academic year.

In addition, we provide advising and mentoring, science and mathematics textbook reimbursement to qualified students, GRE reimbursement to qualified students, career and graduate school information, and more.

Program Objectives

The CSU-LSAMP Program is a comprehensive, statewide program dedicated to increasing the number of students from underrepresented minority groups (URM) graduating from campuses of the California State University (CSU) with baccalaureate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Eligibility for the CSU-LSAMP program is restricted to students who face or have faced social, educational, or economic barriers to careers in STEM.  Initiated in 1994, the CSU-LSAMP Alliance currently consists of the 23 campuses of the CSU. The Phase V of CSU-LSAMP proposed a continued emphasis on activities designed to enhance graduate school preparedness of upper-division students and activities designed to increase academic preparation and performance in core €"gatekeeper" courses.

Application for Research Interns

Intern Application Form.docx

Updated: September 01, 2023