Math/Science Textbook Reimbursement

Eligible students can receive up to $200 per semester for required STEM textbooks. A LSAMP student who actively participates in the LSAMP program, for example, by attending at least 1/2 of LSAMP meetings and activities in a given semester, may be eligible for textbook reimbursement for the next semester. Where attendance is not possible due to class conflicts, students who attend at least 3 advising sessions with the campus coordinator, may be eligible for textbook reimbursement.

LSAMP Internship

Student Research Program: LSAMP students who join a faculty member to participate in research may receive hourly pay (generally for 5 hours per week during the academic year while school is in session). Awards will be based on a project proposal submitted by the student and faculty member to the LSAMP coordinator. Receipt of awards will be dependent on student authored research project progress reports and on written faculty evaluation of student performance.

Conference Participation

Student Participation in Research Conferences: Stanislaus State will provide opportunities and funding for LSAMP students to participate in conferences designed to encourage STEM students to obtain advanced training/degrees. Funding may also be available to cover the cost of printing research posters to present at conferences.

Graduate School Preparation Program

Funding will be provided for GRE test fee reimbursement for LSAMP students eligible to enter graduate school (limited to one general test and one subject exam).

Funding for graduate school application fees will be provided to students with financial need for such assistance.

LSAMP students are eligible to attend the California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education.

CSU-LSAMP Proud Scholars Program

California State University, Stanislaus, nominates LSAMP students to be CSU-LSAMP Proud Scholars.

Updated: August 29, 2023