Why do I pay Athletics, Recreation Center, Union and Health Center fees when I don't use those particular services?

The Athletics, Recreation Center, Union, Health Center and other campus fees are mandatory and all students are required to pay them.

What is the E-Bill statement?

A statement provided electronically by e-mail as a courtesy to notify students of their current university fees, housing and other miscellaneous charges that are still outstanding on their account. If there are any concerns or discrepancies involving your billing invoice please contact the representative for your section of the alphabet, which can be located in the "Contacts" on Cashier Payment Information page.

Why don't my parents receive the billing invoice at home and why can't they receive any information about it over the phone?

Since the billing invoices are in the student's name, the student bears responsibility for payment. For this reason, the billing invoices are sent to the student's e-mail address as maintained by Enrollment Services. Parents (or anyone else) are not allowed to receive specific information about a student's bill per federal regulations on the right of privacy.

When are the student and university fees listed on my Schedule Bill due?

Payments are due by the dates listed the Money Matters section of the current Schedule of Classes or are listed on this website under the link "Fee Payment Deadlines". Pay Housing & Meal Plan charges in accordance with your Housing License.

What if I can't pay by the payment deadline?

You may be disenrolled and your classes will be dropped. Your account will be assessed a late fee of $25.00 for the first late payment deadline and an additional $25.00 for each additional deadline missed. In addition, your account will be placed on hold so you cannot register for additional classes, receive transcripts or use any other university service until your account is paid. If your fees remain delinquent then your account will be referred to the Franchise Tax Board for offset and to a collection agency.

I didn't receive an E-Bill so I didn't know my balance due. Why do I have late fees?

You are responsible for full payment of all charges on your account by the due date whether or not you receive a billing invoice. The fees are listed in the Money Matters section of the current Schedule of classes and also on this website under "Fee Schedule". Review your account balance at Student Data: Access.

I registered for classes but I never attended. Why do I have to pay?

When you register for a class, you are liable for payment of the charges on that class, whether or not you attend. To have all charges removed, you must drop the class(es) prior to the first day of the term. To drop classes you need to fill out an add/drop form and deliver it to Enrollment Services or drop your classes through the Web On-line System.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, payment plans are available to students who owe for delinquent and past-due student fees and a Installment Payment Plan for current term fees. The University payment plan allows you to extend the time you have to pay past and current term tuition and pay in smaller increments than the whole amount due. To learn more about payment plans, click in the Installment Payment Plan link or contact the representative for your section of the alphabet by going to the "Contacts" on Cashier Payment Information page.

Why do I still get assessed late payment fees when I have a payment plan with the university?

Although, you have a payment plan with the university, you are still missing the payment deadlines listed in the Schedule of Classes and thus, still are responsible for the missed payment fees assessed on your account.

Why isn't my hold released once I have a payment plan with the university?

Holds are placed on student accounts for various reasons; one being that the student in question has an outstanding balance. Although you have signed a promissory note stating you will pay your fees off in a certain amount of time, you still have an outstanding balance until those fees are completely paid and thus, will continue to have a hold on your account.

Does tax offset show up on my credit report?

No, being on tax offset does not affect your overall credit report.