Key Components of the External Review

Review Team 

                Review Team will consist of 11 to 12 members: 

  • Faculty member – Nominated by the Academic Senate Committee on Committee
  • Staff member – Survey for staff self-nominations, Appointed by staff election process.
  • Student – Nominated by Associated Students, Inc.
  • 5 Vice Presidents or designated representative
  • College Dean appointed by Provost and VPAA
  • President Representative
  • Unit internal representative appointed by unit administrator.


External Consultant Visit

  • 1 External Consultant will be invited as the professional and content expert for each of the units being reviewed.
    • 2 such consultants for large units with multiple programs and sufficient diversity in their specialized services.

    Before Site Visit:

  • Prepare external consultant’s itinerary and program for the site visit.

    During Site Visit:

  • External consultant and the Review Team will meet with unit's personnel and its various stakeholders. 
  • Tour facilities and, where appropriate, visit external campuses such as those in Stockton.

                After Site Visit:

  • External consultant provides a written report to the Review Team.


Review Team Report Draft

  • The review team presents its major findings and recommendations to the Vice President of SPEMI.
  • Preliminary draft is distributed to the unit for corrections of factual errors before report is finalized.

Review Team Report Completed

  • Final report is provided to the Vice President for SPEMI within six weeks of the return to the review team of the preliminary draft.
  • Copies of the final report to the unit administrator.
  • Unit administrator distributes the final report to all members of the unit being reviewed.
  • Executive summary, minus any references to individuals, is an open document and distributed to the campus community through the university web page and the Academic Senate.

Unit Response to Review Team Report

  • Unit under review may provide the vice president with a written response to the review team’s report findings and recommendations.
  • Unit's response is distributed to the review team.

Report and follow up documents are posted to campus website.