J. Burton Vasché Award

J. Burton VascheThe J. Burton Vasché Award is given annually to a student who displays the highest standards of leadership, cooperation, participation, service and scholarship. It is named in honor of the university’s founding president, J. Burton Vasché.

Vasché was named founding president on May 13, 1960. A native of Oakdale, Vasche spearheaded the opening of what was then known as Stanislaus State College at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds while planning took place for construction of the new campus on Monte Vista Avenue. He directed the hiring process for the first faculty members, key administrators and staff before the first day of classes on Sept. 19, 1960.

List of Awardees

Year Awardee(s) Read More About the Awardee  
2019 Jenna Pablo & Maria Marquez University News Article  
2018 Angela Pimentel University News Article & StanGrad Profile  
2017 Tatiana Olivera University News Article  
2016 Josephine Hazelton University News Article  
2015 Michael Khoshaba University News Article  
2014 Jared Tumazi University News Article  
2013 Jessica De Silva University News Article  
2012 Danielle Fletcher University News Article  
2011 Tamara Mena    
2010 Isaac Farhadian University News Article  
2009 Rocio Garcia University News Article  
2008 Sean Newland University News Article  
2007 Xuejiao "Jaqi" Jiang University News Article  
2006 Crystal Jack    
2005 Daniel Westerman    
2004 Angelina Cunha    
2003 Catherine Austin    
2002 Seng Alex Veng    
2001 Cheryl Lynn Gorton    
2000 Tyler Summersett    
1999 Soulinhakhath Steve Arounsack    
1998 Cynthia Schwerdtfeger    
1997 Lewis Kurt Wilhelm    
1996 Morin I. Jacob    
1995 Steven J. Engfer    
1994 Daniel Westbrook    
1993 Sonja Has-Ellison    
1992 Ninder Chima-Jordan    
1991 Josseph Orlando    
1990 Lara Harrell    
1989 Steven Roy Davis    
1988 Adnan Issa    
1987 Suzette Santos    
1986 Terri Cipponeri    
1985 Vicki Inlow    
1984 Patrick MacDonald    
1983 Jill D. Curtis    
1982 Kerry Sue Kilburn    
1981 Kevin John Shand    
1980 Laurie E. Sylvester    
1979 Michael Arlen Rein    
1978 June Robertson    
1977 Ronald J. Noble    
1976 Jerry A. McNown & Catherine Jane Fitzpatrick    
1975 Robert S. Doody    
1974 Corey G. Cate    
1973 Richard Parnell    
1972 Arnold Webb Jr.    
1971 Megan Metcalf    
1970 Michael A. Pimental    
1969 David A. Alvernaz    
1968 John Russel & Ramond Desagun    
1967 L. Mark Matthew    
1966 Walter T. Archer    
1965 James Shuman & Sharon Nuebaum    
1964 Coy Roberts    
1963 Linda Sanders    
1962 Richard A. Brown    
1961 Kenneth Williams