Political Science Major

Discover what you can learn and where a political science major can take you.

The political science program trains students to think analytically, critically and creatively about government and politics by offering a comprehensive examination of political thought; a thorough exploration of American, foreign, and international political institutions; an engaged focus on politically based behavior; and deep study of public policy and public administration.



  • The nature of governments, their leaders and their publics
  • Governance processes and international interactions
  • Political campaigns, political party clubs
  • Student government
  • Government internships
  • Policy debates and controversies
  • Thought-provoking faculty and courses

icon Learn

  • How to listen and read critically and efficiently
  • How to analyze and understand complex issues, problems, texts and arguments related to government and politics
  • How to assess and comprehend the motivations behind political behavior and the implications stemming from government structures


  • Public affairs officer
  • Teacher/educator
  • City planner
  • Lobbyist
  • Campaign consultant
  • Newspaper reporter
  • Law enforcement agent
  • Law school/attorney
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Environmental activist

iconCareer Opportunities

  • City and county government
  • State of California
  • U.S. Government
  • U.S. military
  • Political campaigns and polling
  • Non-profit groups
  • Journalism
  • Pre-collegiate and collegiate education
  • Interest groups
  • Business sector
  • International governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations
  • Publishing
  • Law

icon Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with options to specialize in:
    - Pre-Law
    - American Institutions
    - International and Comparative Politics
    - Public Administration
  • Minor in Political Science
  • Concentrations:
    - Those majoring in Liberal Studies can complete their concentration in Civics.
    - Those majoring in Social Sciences can complete their concentration in Political Science.
  • Master of Public Administration

Political Science Student


"What I enjoy most about political science is the process of exploring the causes of complex political behavior through scientific methodologies."

Matthew Marquette
Political Science Student