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The Department has a legacy of outstanding teaching, advising, scholarship, and service that continues today in both the Political Science Program and the Master of Public Administration Program. The ranging expertise and extensive knowledge of our faculty allows the Department to offer courses in all of the major fields of Political Science and a comprehensive graduate-level curriculum in Public Administration.


A'sad AbuKhalil

As’ad AbuKhalil

Professor, Political Science
BA 1981, American University of Beirut
MA 1983, American University of Beirut
PhD 1988, Georgetown University

At Stanislaus since 1993, Dr. AbuKhalil teaches the following courses in the Political Science Program: Politics of the Middle East; Gender & Sexuality in the Middle East; Arab-Israeli Conflict; International Relations; Model United Nations & Model Arab League; and Introduction to American Government. 

(209) 667-3536 / Bizzini 132-C; aabukhalil@csustan.edu

Dave Colnic

David Colnic

Professor, Department Chair
BA 1987, University of California, Irvine
MA 1994, University of Arizona
PhD 2003, University of Arizona

 At Stanislaus since 2004, Dr. Colnic serves as Chair of the Department of    Political Science and Public Administration. In the MPA Program, he teaches the  following courses: Public Policy; Environmental Planning, Policy & Law. In the  Political Science Program, he teaches the following courses: Media & Politics;  Environmental Policy & Politics; Introduction to American Government; and  Introduction to Political Science.

(209) 667-3520 / Bizzini 130-C; dcolnic@csustan.edu

Andrew Conteh

Andrew Conteh

Lecturer, Political Science 
LLM 1970, Kiev State University
PhD 1973, Kiev State University

At Stanislaus since 2017, Dr. Conteh teaches the following courses: Foreign Policy (PSCI 4641), International Human Rights (HONS 3050) and Model United Nations.

(209) 667-3301 / Bizzini 132-B; aconteh2@csustan.edu

Umar Ghuman

Umar Ghuman

Umar Ghuman – Associate Professor, Public Administration
Director of MPA Program

BS 2001, Excelsior College
MBA 2003, Florida Atlantic University
PhD 2011, Florida Atlantic University

At Stanislaus since 2012, Dr. Ghuman is the Director of the MPA program, Director of the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and is the Department Coordinator for the graduate student internship.  Dr. Ghuman teaches the following courses in the MPA Program: Public Policy; Organizational Development; Human Resources; Organization Theory; Quantitative Analysis; Bureaucracy in Novels & Plays; and Non-profit Administration. In the Political Science Program, he teaches Introduction to American Government.

(209) 667-3682 / Bizzini 130-A; ughuman@csustan.edu


Justin Gilmore

BA 2010, University of California, Santa Cruz
MA 2014, San Francisco State University
Ph.D. 2022, University of California, Santa Cruz

At Stanislaus since 2022, Dr. Gilmore's research brings together political theory, American political development, and social movement studies around questions of political power, resistance, and reaction. His current project is concerned with the right-wing politics in the US and how these politics are related to contemporary neoliberal capitalism. He teaches Ancient Political Thought, Contemporary Political Thought, Marx and the Human Condition, and American Politics. 

(209) 667-3389 / B 132A; JGilmore@csustan.edu

Erin Hughes

Erin Hughes

Assistant Professor, Political Science
BA 2003, McGill University (Political Science)
MSC 2007, Univeristy of Edinburgh (Nationalism Studies)
PhD 2016, University of Edinburgh (Sociology)

At Stanislaus since 2019, Dr. Hughes is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and manages the Sarguis Modern Assyrian Project. Dr. Hughes is also the department coordinator for undergraduate internships. She teaches Introduction to Comparative Polticis in Poltitical Science and Modern Assyrian Studies in History.

(209) 667-3301 / Bizzini 132-B; ehughes1@csustan.edu

Nancy Hudspeth

Nancy Hudspeth

Assistant Professor, Public Administration
BA & BS 1986, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
MA 1999, University of Illinois, Chicago
PhD 2011, University of Illinois, Chicago

At Stanislaus since 2015, Dr. Hudspeth teaches the following courses in the MPA Program: Public Policy Analysis, Urban & Regional Planning, Quantitative Analysis, and Public Agency Budgeting. In the Political Science Program, she teaches Introduction to American Government and Land Use Planning.

(209) 667-3285 / Bizzini 130-B; nhudspeth@csustan.edu

Elaine Peterson

Elaine Peterson

Professor, Economics

BA 1982, Colby College
MS 1990, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD 1996, University of Wisconsin-Madison

At Stanislaus since 1996, Dr. Peterson is a faculty member of the Department of Economics and in the MPA Program she teaches     Public Finance and State & Local Public Finance.

(209) 667-3327 / Bizzini 101-D; epeterson@csustan.edu

Richard Randall

Richard Randall

Lecturer, Political Science
BA 1982, California State University, Stanislaus
MA 1985, University of California, Davis
ABD 1991, University of California, Davis

At Stanislaus since 2011, Prof. Randall teaches the following courses in the Political Science Program:  Introduction to American Government; Introduction to Political Science; and Global Politics.

(209) 667-3359 / Bizzini 132-A; rrandall@csustan.edu

Stephen R Routh

Stephen R. Routh

Professor, Political Science
BA 1986, University of California, Santa Cruz
MA 1992, San Jose State University
PhD 2000, University of California, Davis

At Stanislaus since 2002, Dr. Routh serves as the Pre-Law Advisor. He teaches the following courses in the Political Science Program: Introduction to American Government; The Presidency; Legislative Process; Judicial Process; Political Campaigns & Elections; Constitutional Law; and Civil        Liberties. In the MPA Program, he teaches Administrative Law.

(209) 667-3363 / Bizzini 126-A; srouth@csustan.edu

Gerard Wellman

Gerard C. Wellman

Associate Professor, Public Administration
BA 2003, Louisiana State University
MPA 2007, University of Memphis
PhD 2011, University of Nebraska, Omaha

At Stanislaus since 2012, Dr. Wellman teaches the following courses in the MPA Program:  Administration in Public Affairs; Public Service Ethics; Urban Affairs; Social Justice; Research Design & Public Evaluation; and Urban & Regional Planning. In the Political Science Program, he teaches Introduction to Public Administration; Ethnic & Gender Politics; and Introduction to American Government.

(209) 667-3291 / Bizzini 132-D; gwellman@csustan.edu


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Lisa Anderson

Administrative Support Coordinator
Ms. Anderson provides administrative support to the Bachelor of Political Science, Master of Public Administration program and the Bachelor of Leadership Studies programs.

T: (209) 667-3388 / Bizzini 132

Updated: August 30, 2022