Assessment Mentors

Request A Mentor

As part of the University'€™s continued efforts to support the program review process, promote the increased use of direct assessment across all programs, and to "€œclose the loop"€ for the continual improvement of student learning, the University has established a group of Assessment Mentors in effect for 2012-13. The Assessment Mentors are available to assist with program-level assessment and will respond to requests from programs. Program use of this resource is voluntary.

Assessment Mentor Responsibilities/Tasks

Assessment Mentor responsibilities include assisting programs/departments with requests for help with program-level assessment. Examples include:

  • developing or refining program student learning outcomes.
  • creating or revising a rubric/assessment measure.
  • conducting a focus group.
  • interpreting assessment findings.
  • using assessment findings for improving student learning, programs, and the assessment process ("closing the loop"€).

Assessment Mentor Process - €“Submitting a Request

  • Program assessment request is submitted via the Office of Assessment website.
  • Assessment Specialist contacts program if additional information is needed.
  • Upon approval by the AVP for Academic Planning and Analysis, the program request is forwarded to Mentor with complimentary background. Programs can also request a specific Mentor if preferred.
  • Request is submitted to the appropriate Mentor, who then contacts the program and schedules a meeting time.
  • Mentor assists the program with requested task.
  • Mentor provides the Office of Assessment with a brief descriptive report/log to be used for payment claim (Mentors will be paid a consultant rate of $250/day).
  • A questionnaire/survey will be sent out to the program to evaluate their experience.