Academic Program Review

In accordance with the academic program review (APR) policy of the California State University, the APR procedures are provided for the review of undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate programs; interdisciplinary programs; honors programs; and general education at CSU Stanislaus.

The following page includes information and resources related to the following topics:

Academic program review's primary goal is to enhance the quality of academic programs. To achieve this purpose, the APR procedures encourage self-study and planning within programs and strengthen the connections among the strategic plans of the program, the college, and the university. In addition, the essential element of the APR is the identification and assessment of student learning outcomes as a key indicator of program effectiveness. Further, APRs provide information for curricular and budgetary planning decisions at each administrative level.

Procedures, Schedule, and Timeline




Tools for Completing the Academic Program Review

Submitting the Academic Program Review

Campus Labs

Stanislaus State has adopted Campus Labs as the campus Accountability Management System. The templates listed below are now available for electronic submission via Campus Labs. The Department Chair will have default access to the program's self-study workspace.

Please contact the Office of Assessment to add members (various levels of permissions are available). Log-in by clicking on the image below or sign-on at

Campus Labs

Self-Study Template & Appendices

APR Implementation Plans

Year Department Implementation Plan Provost Memo
Implementation Plans by Submission Year
2017- 18 Anthropology Implementation Plan  Anthropology Memo
  Ethnic Studies Implementation Plan Ethnic Studies Memo
  Genetic Counseling Implementation Plan Genetic Counseling Memo


Closing the Loop

​College-Level Review

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: Budget and Planning Committee APR Review Criteria

Governance-Level Review

Guidelines for Graduate Council's Evaluation of Academic Program Reviews.pdf

Campus Resources and Archives

Campus Resources

Office of Assessment Website - Assessment Planning


Academic Program Review Assessment

An Evaluation of the Academic Program Review Process.pdf 
Benchmarking: CSU and UC Campus Comparison of Program Review Processes.pdf
Benchmarking: CSU and UC Campus Comparison of Program Review Processes- CSU Stanislaus Responses. pdf

Presentations and Handouts