Internationally Trained Nurses Seeking Course Deficiency from the BRN

For nurses who received their RN training abroad and wish to take one or two courses to meet a BRN deficiency, we offer course options for completion. Please review the policy below. Your first step is to take the TEAS exam at any location of your choice. You will need to pass with a minimum of 70%. You can take the TEAS test up to three times. If you have not been able to pass the TEAS with a 70% by your third attempt, you are not qualified to take a course with us.

After passing the TEAS, you will then need to contact the Pre-Licensure Program Director, Dr. Marla Seacrist, and schedule further testing. We require you to take and pass two exams: the ATI Pharmacology and ATI Fundamentals exams. They are only offered on our campus and cannot be taken elsewhere. Each exam is $60 and you must register with the nursing office. They are typically offered twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Once your pre-testing is complete, you can be placed on the wait list for the course you wish to take. There are often openings for Mental Health and Medical/Surgical, but there is often a wait list for Obstetrics/Pediatrics.

You will register for the courses via Open University. Each course is approximately $1000/unit, so a typical 3 unit course would be about $3000. Courses are typically twice a week, with the theory portion on one day and the clinical portion on another. If you need Obstetrics, our Pediatrics and Obstetrics are combined into one clinical day/week, but you have two theory courses, and you must take them both, since the clinical is combined.

For any questions you have about the courses, please contact the program director, Dr. Marla Seacrist via email:

**Covid Exceptions**

Due to the pandemic, we are not offering the pre-testing at this time, which means we are not accepting any international nurses who need to meet a BRN deficiency, until we can offer the testing again. If you would like to be notified when testing reopens, please contact the program director, Dr. Marla Seacrist via email:

Acceptance of Internationally Trained Nurses