Degree Requirements

Core Courses

ACC 5110 Management Accounting 3 Units
CIS 5620 Computer Information Systems 3 Units
FIN 5210 Managerial Finance 3 Units
MGT 5310 Business Organization, Theory & Behavior 3 Units
OM 5630 Seminar in Quality & Productivity Management. 3 Units
MKT 5410 Marketing Management 3 Units
MGT 5900 Integrated Business Strategy 3 Units


Three electives are required. For students that elect a concentration - Accounting, Business Analytics, or Finance, all electives would be in the subject. For students that elect a General Concentration, you may take any three electives. Each term we offer one elective for each concentration, as well as one management elective for general concentrations. See Course Schedule for elective choices each term.

Total: 10 Courses or 30 Units for Degree

MBA Culminating Experience

Students in the evening ‘stateside’ MBA program have two options to satisfy their culminating experience requirement:

  • Comprehensive Exam or
  • MBA Individual Project

Comprehensive Exam Description (0 units)

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MBA Individual Project (3 units)

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