Career Growth and Advancement

According to a recent survey published by the Financial Times, EMBA graduates reported up to a 70% increase in their salaries and more significantly, those increased salaries typically applied to the same employers.

In general, graduates of Executive MBA programs are more loyal to their sponsoring employers and enjoy benefits that a mutually rewarding work environment can bring. Additionally, participation in an EMBA Program brings immediate results as well as long term benefits that are essential for organizations and employees seeking to achieve their goals.

Employer Benefits

Employers benefit from a highly educated and skilled workforce and commitment of their employees. Students enrolled in the EMBA program gain a more in-depth perspective on management, leadership, and effective strategies necessary for a successful organization. They also have the opportunity to build on their leadership skills and directly apply the skills gained to their organizational lives.

Collaborative Approach

The EMBA Program provides a team-focused approach to learning in small cohort groups of students. This approach ensures a collegial opportunity, in and out of the classroom, so students can gain practical and creative solutions to their organizational challenges through meaningful dialogues with their faculty and team members.

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Updated: July 27, 2023