Stanislaus State Definition of Student Success

Stanislaus State Definition of Student Success


Stanislaus State recognizes that student success occurs when our students are engaged and supported in their quest for knowledge and understanding. Student success is realized when our students are equipped and empowered to positively transform their lives, to inform the practice of their chosen profession, and to exercise civic rights and responsibilities to transform their communities.

At Stanislaus State,

  • We use the power of education, community, and civic engagement to transform lives.
  • Student success occurs when we engage and support our students in a quest for knowledge and understanding that encourages and empowers them to identify their personal goals and professional aspirations. Successful students strive to make their own unique contributions to our diverse world.
  • We support our students by expanding opportunities and enriching experiences that broaden their awareness of others’ perspectives and develop their intellectual capacity and ethical character.
  • Student success is achieved when our students can imagine a better world and are empowered to make it a reality within the Central Valley region and beyond.

Approved by the Academic Senate on March 27, 2018
Approved by President Ellen Junn on May 1, 2018

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