GREAT Steering Committee


GREAT expects to positively impact graduation rates and achievement gaps while maintaining student access to an engaging, high-quality education. GREAT will provide recommendations to the President and inform the campus community on strategies that will position the University to accomplish the following priority goals related to the Board of Trustees and Chancellor’s Office system-wide Graduation Initiative (GI) 2025:

  • improve Freshmen 4-year graduation rate and 6-year graduation rates;
  • eliminate the achievement gaps in graduation rates for underrepresented minority and Pell-eligible students; and
  • improve Transfer 2-year and 4-year graduation rates.

Specifically, GREAT will:

  • identify and examine barriers to improving graduation rates;
  • examine evidence of effectiveness in multiple existing programs designed to improve student success on our campus, as well as elsewhere;
  • make recommendations to the President and inform the campus community on initiatives/programs/services to meet the University’s priority goals related to GI 2025; and
  • oversee strategic implementation, assessment, and dissemination of the outcomes for these initiatives/programs/services for student success. 


  1. Lead consultation and refinement of the GI 2025 Student Success Plan submitted to the Chancellor’s Office (CO).
  2. Provide input on the implementation of the GI 2025 Student Success Plan.
  3. Host annual presentations on campus progress to various constituents and submit required reports to the CO annually and as otherwise requested.
  4. Disseminate through University Communications and Public Affairs campus progress on the GI 2025 Goals to the larger external community.
  5. Showcase and highlight progress on GI 2025 Goals to external partners (e.g., K-12, community college, parents, and employers) for student recruitment and career placement.


The GREAT Team is intended to be an ongoing entity through 2025, with specific goals and milestones identified on an annual basis, at the direction of the President.


Shawna Young, Co-chair, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jovonte Willis, Co-chair, Interim Director, Institutional Research
Ellen Junn, President
JungHa An, Chair and Professor, Mathematics
Harbir Atwal, Student Government Coordinator, Associated Student, Inc.
Lisa Bernardo, Director, Enrollment Services/Registrar
Mia Brudnicki, Special Initiatives Analyst, Office of the Provost
Helene Caudill, Dean, University Extended Education
Christopher Claus, Associate Professor, Communication Studies, Principal Writer, WASC Steering Committee
Cathlin Davis, Speaker of the Faculty, Professor of Liberal Studies
Scott Davis, Professor, English
Brandon Demers, President, Associated Students, Inc.
Suzanne Espinoza, Vice President, Student Affairs
Betsy Eudey, Faculty Director for Advising and Learning Cohorts, Program Director and Professor, Gender Studies
David Evans, Dean, College of Science
Steven Filling, Immediate Past Chair Academic Senate CSU, Professor, Accounting
Tomàs Gomez-Arias, Dean, College of Business Administration
Noelia Gonzalez, Director, Admissions and Financial Aid
Kimberly Greer, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Faimous Harrison, Dean, Stockton Center
Darrell Haydon, Vice President, Business and Finance
Marie Hirschkorn, Technical Analyst, Faculty Affairs, and Office of the Provost
Gitanjali Kaul, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Enrollment Management, and Innovation
Michelle Legg, Director, Budget Planning & Administration
Amye Leon, Director, Academic Success Center
Erin Littlepage, Assessment Specialist, Office of the Provost
Matthew Lopez-Philips, AVP for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Sari Miller-Antonio, Associate Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Chair and Professor, Anthropology
Oddmund Myhre, Dean, College of Education, Kinesiology, and Social Work
Chris Nagel, Speaker-elect of the Faculty, Lecturer, Philosophy
Keith Nainby, Faculty Fellow for Advising, Chair and Professor, Communication Studies
Gabriela Nuño, Associate Director, Enrollment Services
Dana Reneau, Professor, Mathematics
Neisha Rhodes, Director for Presidential Initiatives, Office of the President
Ronald Rodriguez, Dean of Library Services
Rosalee Billingslea Rush, Senior Associate Vice President for Communications, Marketing and Media Relations
Harold Stanislaw, Professor, Psychology, Co-chair of WASC Steering Committee
Amanda Theis, Academic Operations Specialist, Office of the Provost
Elizabeth Zafra, Administrative Support Assistant for Student Success Programs
Mark Thompson, Professor, English
John Tillman, Senior Director, Analytic Studies and Innovation
Stanley Trevena, Chief Information Officer, Office of Information Technology
Jim Tuedio, Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Gerard Wellman, Faculty Coordinator for High Impact Practices, Faculty Fellow for Advising, and Associate Professor, Public Administration
Molly Winter, Chair and Professor, English
John Wittman, Professor, English
Stuart Wooley, Faculty Fellow for Assessment; Interim Director of General Education; Professor, Biological Sciences

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