The Graduate Council shall be composed of a Chair and Chair-elect, a faculty representative from each department that offers a master’s, doctoral, or postbaccalaureate credential program, and a student representative with a one-year term, appointed by Associated Students. The Dean of the Graduate School shall serve as executive secretary to the Council and shall be a voting member. The Curriculum Analyst supporting the Graduate School shall serve as recording secretary for the Council. Non-voting ex officio members shall include the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, the College Deans, the Dean of Library Services, Dean of University Extended Education and International Education, and the Dean of Stockton Campus. 

2023-2024 Membership

Kimy Liu
Chair/ Teacher Education

Suzanne Whitehead
Chair-Elect/ Education M.A., Counseling M.A., School Administration M.A

Tricia Van Laar 
Marine Sciences M.S., Biological Sciences M.S. 

Kurt Baker
Psychology M.A./M.S., Applied Behavior Analysis M.A.

Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Dianne Vargas
Education M.A., Counseling M.A., School Administration M.A., Postbaccalaureate Credential Programs, Educational Leadership Ed.D. 

Blake Randol
Criminal Justice (M.A.)

Anthony Perrello
English (M.A.)

Matthew Moberly (Fall 2023)
Stephanie Paterson (Spring 2024)
Writing Studies (M.A.)

Paul Strauss
History (M.A.)

Jose Diaz-Garayua
Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A./M.S.)

Haley Ye
Executive Secretary; Dean of the Graduate School 

Mechelle Perea-Ryan 
Nursing (M.S.)

Nancy Hudspeth
Public Administration (M.P.A)

Pollie Bith-Melander 
Social Work (M.S.W.)

Victoria Cortez 
Child Development (M.A.)

Belen Lopez
Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)

Marcy Chvasta
Speaker of the Faculty

Ronald Rodriguez

Martina Ramirez
Dean, COS

Brad Porfilio

Terence Pitre
Dean, CBA

Rich Ogle

James Tuedio

Sarah Sweitzer
Dean, Stockton Campus

Kari Knutson Miller
Dean, UEE & International Education

Lisa Bernardo
Dean of Admissions, Registrar

Neesha Oliver
Curriculum Specialist, Recording

Updated: March 11, 2024