Dr. José R. Díaz-Garayúa

Associate Professor of Geography

An image of the black and white version of the Puerto Rican flag

I joined the Department of Anthropology, Geography and Ethnic Studies at California State University, Stanislaus in 2016. I am a broadly trained human geographer. My principal research focus on urban geography with special interest in inequalities related to race, ethnicity, and place. My doctoral dissertation, Majority's Perception of Minority Groups vis-à-vis Housing Values within the San Juan, MSA: A Local Variation Approach, uncovered patterns of median housing values and how it relates to race and nationalitity within the San Juan Metropolitan Area. My field-based research facilitated information at a microscale that is not accesible through the U.S. Census and provide context to further analysis. 

[Photo's Location: 18⁰28'01.38"N,  -66⁰07'03.06"W]



[2008] Ph.D. in Geography, Kent State University

[2004] M.A. in Geography, University of Akron

[1999] B.A. in Psychology and Geography, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras