The Basics

Did you forget your login? Do you need to check on the status of your draft? Browse the options below for help with account questions and issues.

login screen example​How do I log in?

  • Your username the first part of your email address, up to the "@" symbol. (For example, if you are Jane Done: | login = jdoe).
  • Your password is the same one you use to login to your computer or check your University email.

Please use the following URL to login to the D7 site. The login credentials should still be the same.

The URLs on D7 can be confusing until you get familiar with what’s going on, for which I apologize. When editing your pages, use the “My content” tab, which will ensure you stay on the backend and get to the page you need to edit. While editing, if you land on a URL instead of, you won’t see the editing options. You can easily get back to the page you need to edit by replacing the “” with “”

If you have any questions or trouble logging in or experience any issues, please let me know.

How can I start editing my pages?

If you haven't logged in yet, follow the steps above.

Navigate to the page you wish to edit. This can be done in two ways:

  • From your user page (accessed by clicking "Hello [your username]" near the top-right of your window), select the department you'd like to edit.
  • Navigate using the normal menus or A-Z directory to find the page you need to change.

When you are on the page you'd like to edit, click "New Draft". This will open a Microsoft-Word-like editing window. You may change your content directly within the edit window.

  • If there is already a pending draft of the page, "New Draft" will be replaced by "View Draft" and "Edit Draft". View will let you look at the changes made thus far, edit will allow you to continue working on the page.

Submit changes for publishing, or save for later

After you've completed your changes, scroll to the very bottom of the page (when in edit mode) and look for the "Revision Information" tab.

Click the "Revision Information" tab. You will see a drop-down menu that says "Draft" by default. Leaving it as "Draft" and clicking the "Save" button at the bottom of the page will save your work.

If you're ready to have your page reviewed for publishing, change "Draft" to "Needs Review", and then save your changes.

Once your "Needs Review" edits are saved, someone from the web team will review your content and publish it to the web. You're all done!

Check on submitted drafts

If you are logged in, there are 2 easy ways to check on a draft:

  1. Click the "My Drafts" button near the top-left of your browser, in the black ribbon bar.
    If you still have pending drafts, they will show up here. From this window, you can click the title to continue working, or change the moderation state to "Needs Review" in the second column if you are ready for publishing.
  2. Navigate as normal to the page you wish to check. When you are on that page, look to see if you can see "New Draft". If the editing links say "Edit Draft", your draft has not yet been published.

If you have done all of these things, and you're still unsure, email One of the website administrators will assist you!