Dr. Sriram Chintakrindi

Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice
Tel: 209-664-6605, Fax: 209.664.7314
Email: schintakrindi@csustan.edu


  • 2014 Ph.D., Criminal Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Graduate Center, City University of New York


Dr. Chintakrindi’s research interests include offender rehabilitation, as well as, examining the intersection of crime, mental health, and substance use which he analyzes through criminological theory testing, experimental methods, and statistics. His research emphasizes the examination of criminal justice, public health, and economic outcomes for offenders entering and exiting the criminal justice system. His research utilizes both primary and secondary data sources to guide the development of evidence based practices to inform policy and to evaluate treatment interventions for individuals with criminogenic risk-factors and offenders reentering the community.

Research and Practitioner Interests:

  • Mental health and drug abuse among inmates and at-risk juvenile populations
  • Evidence based practices and evaluation research of offender rehabilitation and alternative-to-incarceration programs
  • Crisis intervention training for criminal justice practitioners
  • Mass incarceration, recidivism, and public health outcomes
  • General discourse on issues related to privacy v. security; crime control v. due process; legalization v. prohibition of substances
  • Social contract philosophy, constitutional law, and civil liberties
  • Criminological, sociological, and psychological theory development and empirical testing
  • Research and applied statistics for criminal justice practitioners


Research Publications and Chapters:

Matta, M. S., Porter, J. R., Chintakrindi, S., & Cosby, A. G. (2016). Addictive Behaviors and Chronic Pain in a High-Risk Population The Simple and Confounding Effects of Multiple Addictive Diseases. Journal of Drug Issues, 46(2), 135-147. doi: 10.1177/0022042615623984

Mboka, A., Chintakrindi, S., Chiang, C., Gerstenfeld, P., McClellan, D., and Vukadin, IK. (2016) "Classical Criminological Perspective and Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Rights" Kriminologija i socijalna integracija (Criminology and Social Integration), 23 (2), 142-172.

Porter, J. R., Capellan, J., & Chintakrindi, S. (2016). Social Disorganization Theory. The Encyclopedia of Crime & Punishment. DOI: 10.1002/9781118519639.wbecpx169

Chintakrindi, S., Porter, J., Kim, C., & Gupta, S. (2015). An Examination of Employment and Earning Outcomes of Probationers With Criminal and Substance Use Histories. SAGE Open, 5(4), 2158244015616662.

Chintakrindi, S., Porter, J.R., Mellow, J., Sung, H.E. (2015). Empirical Test of Low Self-Control Theory Using Post-Treatment Substance Use and Recidivism Outcomes of Parolees Participating in an Experimental Intervention. Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society, 16(2), 14-41.

Chintakrindi, S., Upton, A., Louison, A., Case, B., & Steadman, H. J. (2013). Transitional Case Management for Reducing Recidivism of Individuals with Mental Disorders and Multiple Misdemeanors.Psychiatric Services, 64(9), 915-917.