Center for Applied Spatial Analysis


CASA offers geospatial consulting services to the campus and regional community. In this capacity, it also serves as a conduit for outreach to our larger community. CASA coordinates internships, facilitates grant development, and conducts projects in partnership with campus and community members. These projects improve student learning by providing applied experiential learning and professional development opportunities.

photo of the CASA office

Entrance to CASA office in the building LX 3.2

CASA offers an alternative space with the potential for self-sustainability to foster applied spatial analysis in the Central Valley and beyond, stimulates transdisciplinary and collaborative geospatial research among faculty members, research, and professional experience for undergraduate and graduate students, and a venue to attract external funding through grant writing proposals and the offering of professional services for both public and private sectors that are key to the development of student service learning. In addition, CASA offers support to local community groups who can benefit from geospatial applications and analysis.