Comprehensive Exam


  • Make sure that your coursework meets the 7-year time limit for completion of the MA.
  • Register for EDGS 7006, Comprehensive Exam, for the semester in which you will take the exam if you have completed all program coursework.  If you are registered for a class at the time of taking the exam, you do not need to register for EDGS 7006.
  • Register and take the exam.  
    When registering, leave Certifying State Agency blank, scroll down and click on EPP Test Requirements.   Choose Professional School Counselor, Test #5421.
    Identifying your attending institution put Institution code 4713.
  • Although scores should be sent to the University, email scores directly to the Advanced Studies department to ensure receipt.

  • Current Passing Score for PRAXIS Test #5421 is 156.

  • Registration
  • Preparation Materials
  • Study Companion
  • For Test Takers Whose Primary Language is Not English (Extended Test Time)