WSCUC Confidential Email Account Notification

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Dear University Community,

Stanislaus State is hosting a site visit by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) on April 2-5, 2019 in connection with our institution’s accreditation. During the site visit, the WSCUC team will hold open forum meetings with students, staff, and faculty to provide an opportunity for informal input from all members of the university community about their experiences with the institution. Students are especially encouraged to comment on issues of academic rigor and consistency, availability of student support services, accuracy of information provided by the institution, and other matters related to the quality of the educational experience. The site visit schedule, including open forum meetings as well as meetings with specific committees/units, is currently being finalized by the WSCUC team, and will soon be distributed to the university community, along with more information about fun and informational events and activities leading up to the visit.

WSCUC understands that not everyone who may wish to participate can attend these meetings, and has therefore established a confidential email account to give everyone the opportunity to communicate with the team. The email account is created by a WSCUC staff member and only authorized WSCUC staff and team members have access to it. The emails are not viewed by any representative of the institution. The email account is created for this visit only and will be closed once the WSCUC team leaves the campus. Only comments made before or during the visit will be considered as part of the review process.

Institutional reports, on-campus interviews, open sessions, and email comments become part of the information collected and reviewed by the WSCUC team. Please note that team members will not respond individually to comments provided through any of these venues, including the confidential email account. However, the input from comments, along with other forms of information, will be considered as the team undertakes its work and develops recommendations to the institution. The team is not able to meet individually with members of the university community, so please do not use the email account to request private appointments.

To write to the WSCUC team, please address your email to:

Any questions or concerns about the confidential email account or the upcoming site visit can be directed to Harold Stanislaw or Shawna Young, Co-Chairs of the University’s WASC Steering Committee.

Harold Stanislaw and Shawna Young