2014 Special Visit

Following the 2011 Special Visit, the WASC Commission scheduled a 2014 Special Visit for progress made to its recommendations.  Part of the Special Visit process includes the submission of a Special Visit Report prior to the site visit. Special Visit Reports are intended to be limited in scope and not comprehensive evaluations of the institution. The report will assist the visiting team in understanding the progress made by the institution in addressing the issues identified by the Commission and the major recommendations of the last visiting teams (2011 Special Visit and 2010 Educational Effectiveness Review).

WASC Accreditation at Stanislaus State

2014 Self-Study Team (SST) Members

Roxanne Robbin
Chair, Department of Art

Oddmund Myhre
Interim Dean, College of Education

Reza Kamali
Dean, College of Science

Lynn Johnson
Professor, Department of Accounting & Finance

Marjorie Jaasma (Chair)
AVP Academic Planning & Analysis; ALO

Scott Davis (Principal Writer)
Chair, Department of English

Contact Information

Email: specialvisit@csustan.edu