2011 Special Visit

Following the Educational Effectiveness Review in 2010, the WASC Commission scheduled a Special Visit for fall 2011. Part of the Special Visit process includes the submission of a Special Visit Report prior to the site visit. Special Visit Reports are intended to be limited in scope and not comprehensive evaluations of the institution. The report should assist the visiting team to understand the progress made by the institution in addressing the issues identified by the Commission and the major recommendations of the last visiting team.

Special Visit Report
Special Visit Report

Special Visit Research Team Members

John A. Garcia, Co-Chair
Department of Social Work

Halyna Kornuta, Co-Chair
AVP for Academic Affairs
Accreditation Liaison Officer

Paul W. O'Brien
Chair and Professor
Department of Sociology

Gina Leguria
Senior Manager
HR and Compliance

Harold Stanislaw
Department of Psychology and Child Development

James Tuedio
Interim Dean
College of Humanities and Social Sciences