Effective immediately, all technology (ICT) acquisitions purchased via any method (p-card, requisition, etc.) are required to undergo both an ATI review and IT security review, prior to their procurement. These reviews will occur in parallel and will be initiated by the Technology Acquisition Review (TAR) process. In order to have your acquisition reviewed, please complete a Technology Acquisition Review Request form so both the ATI and IT Security teams may review your product. A detailed guide on the Technology Acquisition Review and ATI Review process is also available. 

These processes help ensure that that the University complies with federal and state law and CSU policies. Stanislaus State must apply the established Information and Communication (ICT) standards to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services that it buys, creates, uses and maintains.  It is the University's responsibility to obtain the most accessible product or service available that meets the business and functional requirements. Obtaining an accessible product at the outset is generally less expensive and performs equally or better than an inaccessible one.

Please obtain information from the vendor on how the product meets accessibility requirements. If an accessible IT product or service is not commercially available, or if an exception to the requirement applies, please document how you will implement an equally effective alternative method of instruction if a student with a disability enrolls in the class, in coordination with Services to Students with Disabilities.

Updated: April 17, 2024