If you are developing or purchasing electronic or technology-based instructional products please make sure that they meet the Section 508 technical accessibility standards (applies to IT requisitions totaling $2,500 or more and high impact items such as networked copy machines, web consulting/software, and digital media, starting November 15, 2011) and the goals outlined for Procurement in Coded Memorandum AA-2013-03.

Please obtain information from the vendor on how the product meets accessibility requirements. If an accessible IT product or service is not commercially available, or if an exception to the requirement applies, please document how you will implement an equally effective alternative method of instruction if a student with a disability enrolls in the class, in coordination with Services to Students with Disabilities.

The CSU Chancellor'€™s ATI Procurement website has complete information on E&IT procurement guidelines. Additional information is available at the CSU€™s Professional Development for Accessible Technology Purchasing site.

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