All faculty Unit 3 employees and administrators are required to conduct student evaluations in no less than 50% of all courses per year with a minimum of one course per semester using the IDEA Short Form. The classes to be evaluated shall be jointly determined in consultation between the faculty unit employee and his/her department chair. In the event of disagreement, each party shall select 50% of the total courses to be evaluated. Voluntary evaluation of additional courses is at the sole discretion of the faculty member. (UEE courses are not part of the 50% as required by the Unit 3 faculty contract.)

Parts I. Evaluation (Progress Ratings), II. Students' Self Ratings and III. Summary Profile of the IDEA Report, or the results from (an) approved substitute(s), for the required courses shall be placed in the faculty unit employee's Personnel Action File. The results of any additional evaluations shall be given only to the instructor.

Departments are encouraged to develop and test alternative teaching assessment instruments, using the IDEA long or short form or other theoretically grounded standards for establishing reliability and validity. If specified in department RPT elaborations, and if explicitly approved by the URPTC, results from such instruments may be substituted for or supplement the IDEA short form placed in the employee's Personnel Action File.

The Faculty Affairs Committee will submit for inclusion in the Faculty Handbook a report advising faculty members and administrators of the best diagnostic practices for using the IDEA instrument. This report will be examined each year and revised when needed.

*Per 27/AS/13/FAC, the new requirement that "All faculty are required to conduct student evaluations in no less than 50% of all courses per year with a minimum of one course per semester" will be evaluated by an ad hoc committee of faculty and administrators who will make recommendations after 2 years as to long-term student course evaluation policy. The recommendations of this committee shall be brought to the President and to the Academic Senate of the California State University, Stanislaus, so that a long-term student course evaluation policy of maximum efficiency and efficacy may be decided upon.

33/AS/13/FAC--Amendment to 9/AS/93/FAC--Policy on Student Evaluation of Teaching (Previously 3/AS/89FAC). Also refer to Article 15 of the Faculty Contract and for Temporary Faculty, please refer to Evaluation Policy & Procedures for Temporary Faculty.pdf

Approved by President Joseph F. Sheley on 10/18/13

Updated: March 02, 2023