Multicultural Requirement Subcommittee

Membership for 2019/2020

  • Betsy Eudey, Chair 
  • Victor Luevano
  • Brent Powell
  • Jenny (Jingyun) Li
  • Nancy Burroughs
  • Jose Diaz- Garayua
  • Andrea Snadoval, ASI Student Representative 

2019/2020 Meetings

  • November 4, 2019 at 10:00am in FDC 113
  • December 2, 2019 at 10:00am in FDC 113

Subcommittee Charge

The Multicultural Requirement Subcommittee is primarily responsible for overseeing the Multicultural baccalaureate degree requirement at Stanislaus State.

The responsibilities of the Subcommittee are as follows: 

  1. Establish meeting dates by semester, to be published to the campus community. 
  2. Submit agendas and meeting minutes to UEPC.  
  3. Review, approve or disapprove requests from departments/programs for courses to be included as courses that fulfill the Multicultural Requirement.  
  4. Make decisions for continuance or discontinuance of each department/programʹs Multicultural course designations on a cycle not to exceed 5 years.  
  5. Implement policies and procedures that are submitted to the Multicultural Requirement Subcommittee from the UEPC; make recommendations to the UEPC for changes in Multicultural Requirement policies and procedures. 
  6. Provide support for the articulation of courses from the community colleges. 
  7. Oversee preparation of the Multicultural Requirement in the catalog copy. 
  8. Submit an annual year‐end report to the UEPC, to include a summary of the yearʹs events and recommendations for next steps.