Student Account Textbook Charging Process

Who is eligible to use the Book Charging process?

This is an optional program for all registered students in a degree granting program with greater than zero units. Open University students are not eligible.

The Barnes & Noble Bookstore will validate each Student Account purchase with a valid student Warrior Card AND against the eligibility list provided by Student Financial Services.

Where and when can I charge purchases to my Student Account?

Eligible students are able to charge textbook purchases made at the Barnes & Noble University Bookstore to their MyStanState accounts from 2 1⁄2 weeks prior to the start of the fall and spring terms until one week after the last day to add classes for the term. For the Spring 2021 semester, the time period is from January 11 to February 26.

Barnes & Noble University Bookstore will require all students to sign a Bookstore Release form confirming their agreement to charge their Student Accounts each time they make a purchase.

What charges are eligible?

Textbook purchases up to a maximum of $900.00 are eligible for the program.

What happens if I return my textbook(s) to the Barnes & Noble University Bookstore?

Refunds will be processed according to the Barnes & Noble Bookstore policy. If a purchase was charged to a Student Account, the refund MUST be processed against the student account.

Am I able to charge textbooks that are purchased online from the Barnes & Noble University Bookstore?

Yes, however, you must visit the Bookstore in person to sign a Bookstore Release form confirming your agreement to charge to your Student Account prior to receiving your books.


Check your MyStanState account for payment due dates or to determine if your Financial Aid (if applicable) will cover the charges. You will be held responsible for full payment for your textbooks if you become ineligible for Financial Aid, or if your aid is not sufficient to cover your account balance. You are responsible for all University Bookstore charges incurred after financial aid funds have disbursed and you have received a refund either by direct deposit or check. Failure to pay all charges on your Student Account will prevent you from registering for future courses and a hold will be placed on all your academic records.