Participants' Comments

"I enjoyed the whole week and would recommend this class for anyone as I believe it would be beneficial for anyone and would definitely take it again."

"I feel the class as a whole was a very positive experience. It gave me tools that I can use in various aspects of my life, whether it be personal or in a workplace setting."

"Wish to attend again and again and again. Will give a good report to others in need. I had a wonderful time. This should be first step for any program. CalWORKs should be sponsoring program."

"I learned a lot of stuff that I had no idea about. It helped me how to think better about myself, especially my health. It was a wonderful week!!"

"I liked this a lot. I wouldn'€™t mind going more than a week. We were treated as people instead of "cattle" being rushed through class."

"I needed something like this to remember who I was before life took me away."

"I learned a lot of information and recommend to anyone to go if they could. One of the best things I have done in my life, a great opportunity."

"This whole week made me feel so much better inside and out. Awesome program."

"I wish I could do this for more than one week, but with other subjects too! These past few days have built up my self-esteem taught me to have more patience and gave me a lot of knowledge that I so desperately needed!"

"This should be the first step in becoming independent and becoming successful--without knowing who you are or where you a€™re going in life leaves you nowhere--this class is all about me knowing who I am."

"After returning to the program to do the one-day CPR class, one client stated "It feels like being home."

One client'€™s answer to the question "How do you feel being referred to Wellness WORKs?" Client stated: "I have been here for 20 minutes and I thank God for this program because I truly feel I a€™m going to get the help that I need."