One Day Programs

Angela Leonardo has a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior from University of the Pacific and Associate of Science in Mathematics and Sciences, Pre-teacher Education and an Associate of Arts Degree in Natural Sciences, and is currently working toward her Masters in Educational Leadership at University of the Pacific. She is an Emergency Medical Technician and a CPR Instructor with American Red Cross and Emergency Medical Services and Safety.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine and has many other national certifications including: Les Mills Body Pump and RPM,  Pilates Coach, Yogafit, Tabata Bootcamp, 24 Cycle, Silver Sneakers and Zumba. Angela has been employed at In Shape Health Clubs since 2004 and teaches for The Lord’s Gym, and American Pro Health. Angela has a passion for health and fitness and shares that passion in a very inspiring and motivational way.

One-Week & Three Week Instructors

Liz Winter is a former welfare recipient and a single mother of four. She is also a recovered drug user and survivor of emotional abuse. Liz started her own business as a legal support specialist and worked as a technology manager for a Sacramento law firm and is currently a technology consultant for law firms. Liz experienced first-hand the struggles to achieving her goals.

Diana Galvan graduated with honors with a master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from San Diego State University. She works as a Behavior Counselor Faculty for resident medical students at Doctor’s Medical Center. Her strengths are helping persons from all walks of life with and without a disability. Diana is originally from the Bay Area and moved to Turlock, CA to attend Stanislaus State University where she lived on campus and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology emphasis on Human Services.  She has been working with the disabled population for over a decade with children, teens, adults, and the elderly.  She is recognized for excellent performance, compassion for others, and contributions to social services. Diana is the business owner of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) in Modesto, a single mother of two kids ages 14 and 8, once homeless, a former welfare recipient, and a survivor of domestic violence. She recently began to co-facilitate the 21-Day Love Yourself Challenge, a self-help program, for both secular and Christian organizations. Diana’s favorite pastime is traveling and meeting new people. She enjoys coaching others toward their vocational employment goals and teaching self-awareness and skillsets. Her passion is teaching personal development and employment skills such as resume building, mock interviews, and dressing for success from the inside out.  Her desire is to write a curriculum for middle school, high school, and college students on a youth employment program where students will be able to learn about personal development, finances, resume building, mock interviews, and much more.

Lisa Huiras has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service Management and a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She has also finished all of her education for her Doctorate Degree in Psychology (PsyD); however, she still needs to complete her Doctoral Project to graduate. Lisa has been employed by Kaiser Permanente since 2008 and she has held a variety of roles surrounding health education at Kaiser Permanente. Currently, Lisa is the Service Area Director of Health Education, Medical Weight Management, and Worksite Wellness at Kaiser Permanente in South San Francisco and Daly City. Lisa also possesses certifications from the Parenting and Living Skills Project through San Joaquin Delta College and the American Council on Exercise. Lisa was employed at In-Shape Health Clubs for 24 years as a group exercise instructor where she taught a variety of group exercise class formats. Lisa was also previously a Weight Watchers leader for 12 years. Lisa enjoys helping people engage in activities, which helps to provide them with better health.

Debbie Smith has an Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies.  She has worked with Lakeview Assembly as an Outreach Director for many years.  In that position, she started and managed an organization called Helping Hands, which serves 500+ lower-income families every week with free bags of food.  Helping Hands is also a clothing store where the community can shop for free.  As Outreach Director, she facilitated all community events.  She also served in the Children’s Department for well over 11 years.  Debbie is a group-certified exercise instructor and taught kickboxing at the Lord’s Gym in Stockton.  She has also worked with Kaiser Permanente in the Health Education Department specifically with the “Medical Weight Loss Program”.

Catriona Linn has been teaching Physical Wellness in and around Stockton since 1996.

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Davina Arreaga is the Program Assistant at Wellness WORKs!  Davina’s first experience with Wellness WORKs! was back in April of 2003 as a CalWorks client attending the three-week program. Soon after completion of the program, she was asked to become an Advisory Board Member, bringing to the table the perspective of the CalWorks/Wellness WORKs! participant. Also, at the time of completion from the program, Davina’s CalWorks time clock was up. Davina worked 32 hours a week at Wellness WORKs! to meet the CalWorks requirements to continue receiving her cash aid. While doing community service, she also attended Stockton School for Adults and within 3 months of her starting school earned her GED in December of 2004. In January of 2005 she began attending Delta College full-time, while still working 20hrs weekly at Wellness WORKs! In total Davina worked for 2 years as a non-paid volunteer, working for her welfare check. Currently, she is employed full-time as the Program Assistant and was recently certified in True Colors. Davina is now the instructor for the Temperaments in the Workplace class.

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Heather Adams holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from California State University, Stanislaus, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California, Irvine. Heather worked as a receptionist, real estate assistant, administrative assistant, college instructor, and marketing director. Raised by parents who dropped out of school early and a father who suffered from mental illness as well as drug and alcohol abuse, Heather comes to us with a personal understanding of how difficult it can be to strive for a better life when one has a difficult background and no role models.

Maricarmen Anaya has a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Science with an emphasis in Education from Superior Institute for Family Studies in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Maricarmen was born and raised in Michoacán, Mexico. She came to Stockton in 2002 where she is living with her family, since then she is been working in our community, first with El Concilio for eight years as a Parent Educator and Nutrition Educator, and now recently start working with University of California Cooperative Extension in the Calfresh Nutrition Education Program as a Family Nutrition Educator.

Leon Coffey was employed with the United States Post Office from 1987- May 2015. He was involved with union work since 1980 and was a union shop steward for 6 years. He is still a union member and acts as a consultant with the union on an as-needed basis. In 2002, he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Labor Studies from San Francisco State University. He is also a Vietnam Veteran and has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol since 1996. During his tenure at Wellness WORKs!  He earned a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from U.C. Davis, Paralegal Studies in March of 2010, and coursework in Labor-Management in December of 2010. In May 2013, he earned his Master’s Degree in Theology and Christian Counseling from Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College. Leon feels that education is a never-ending journey and a fulfillment of dreams comparable to no other travels we may take in our lives. He believes that education never dies; it only multiplies by sharing our knowledge with others

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Phyllis Klein studied Insurance and Financial Planning driven by a desire to make a difference. In 1988, she opened her own agency specializing in educating seniors on matters regarding Medicare, long term care and estate planning. Phyllis joined Northwestern Mutual Life as an agent. In 2001, Phyllis chose to leave Northwestern Mutual Life ad focus on the senior market and employee benefits. After 25 years as a solo entrepreneur, Ms. Klein created a partnership with Norman Randolph. Together, they are building Randolph and Klein Financial Solutions providing insurance and money management services to the residents of greater San Joaquin County. Ms. Klein is passionate about giving back to the community in the form of volunteer services. She has served as the chairperson for the Liaison committee of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, and past President of the following organizations: Stockton Seaport Rotary, Temple Israel, and Stockton Woman’s Business Network. For the past three years, Phyllis has facilitated a monthly Life Skills class for the residents of Haven of Peace Women’s Shelter.

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