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“We know from the research that most perpetrators of school violence don’t emerge from the ether with surprise attacks that no one saw coming. Instead, it is quite the opposite. They give clues. They cause concern amongst friends, colleagues and even online acquaintances. They make people uncomfortable. These clues, signs and concerns are the best chance to head off violence before it occurs.” (Sokolow & Lewis, 2009)

Please submit a StanCares Report if someone is exhibiting inappropriate, unusual, and/or concerning behavior.

Submit a Report

If you have any questions about whether or not to submit a report please contact StanCares Team at (209) 664-6700 or send an e-mail at

If you would like more information on what students to report please read our brochure Students in Crisis and Conflict

Sokolow, B., & Lewis, W. S. (2009). The NCHERM whitepaper: 2nd generation behavioral intervention best practices. DOI: