Katie Wiskow

Assistant ProfessorKate Wiskow



2016 Ph.D.   Texas Tech University
2013 M.A.    University of Maryland Baltimore County
2011 B.A.     University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire

Professional Certification

2016-present   Board Certified Behavior Analyst- Doctoral, #1-14-15816
2014-2016       Board Certified Behavior Analyst, #1-14-15816

Teaching Interests: Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavioral Assessment, Advanced Topics in Behavior Analysis

Research Interests: I have three main areas of research: (1) operant response variability, (2) assessment and treatment of problem behaviors, and (3) classroom management procedures. First, my research on operant response variability focuses specifically on the use of lag schedules of reinforcement. This research aims to identify optimal schedules of reinforcement that promote both response variability and emergence of novel responses at the individual and group levels. Second, I have focused my research on the assessment and treatment of problem behaviors most recently on noncompliance. This research aims to identify methods to reduce noncompliance that results in generalization across multiple topographies. Third, my research on classroom management procedures focuses on application of group contingencies. This research aims to identify essential components of group contingencies that promote appropriate behaviors (e.g., raising hand for permission to speak) and that teachers are willing and able to implement with integrity.   

Please contact me if you are interested in research opportunities or want to learn more about what I do.

Researchgate Profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Katie_Wiskow

Contact Information

Building Location: Bizzini Hall
See Building #2: Map

Office Location: C 231F - See Map

Phone: (209) 667-6814

E-mail: kwiskow@csustan.edu