Academic Space Planning Committee


The Academic Space Planning Committee (ASPC) has been developed to efficiently manage academic space to benefit students, faculty, and research by using the latest technology for accuracy and judicious instructional space utilization.

The Academic Space Planning Committee reviews the utilization of classrooms and laboratory space with the objective of ensuring that space needs for the University’s academic programs are fully met.  When decisions effect other campus constituencies, ASPC recommendations will be forwarded to the Campus Master Plan Committee for review and recommendation to the President.

Members include representation across colleges and units within Academic Affairs and Facilities Planning & Finance, ensuring critical functions and perspectives are considered in space recommendations.


Chair: Kimberly Greer, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Christine Erickson, Vice President for Student Affairs
Christene James, Vice President for Business and Finance
Jim Tuedio, Dean, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Oddmund Mhyre, Dean, College of Education, Kinesiology and Social Work
Dave Evans, Dean, College of Science
Tomas Gomes-Arias, Dean, College of Business Administration
Helene Caudill, Dean, University Extended Education
Faimous Harrison, Dean, Stockton Center
Ronald Rodriguez, Dean, University Library
Koni Stone, Professor of Chemistry
David Zhu, Associate Professor of Accounting
Maryann Hight, University Librarian and Speaker-elect of the Facultygram
Eric Broadwater, Associate Professor of Theatre and Chair, Theatre Department  
Faculty Representative TBD
Amanda Theis, Chief of Staff, Academic Affairs
Lisa Bernardo, Director, Enrollment Services
Noah Dunavan, Class Schedule Coordinator
Julia Reynoso, Director, Facilities Planning and Finance


Principles of Effective Allocation and Utilization of Academic Office Space

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Principles of Effective Allocation and Utilization of Instructional Space

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