Assistant Professor


College of the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Department of Sociology



Bizzini Hall B213F

I am a native of California, though I spent about 13 years in Oregon. I have a family that includes several kids that I cart around on my various adventures. I share with them my love of sociology, even when they beg me not to. I love to hike and ride my bike and generally just be outside, unless it’s over 90 degrees or less than 30 degrees, in which case I just like to drink good quality wine and complain about the weather. I also appreciate a really good dark chocolate, preferably one that is fair trade. I have two dogs that are not very smart but are charming nonetheless and a cat that does not seem to appreciate my humor. I love to bake and go the farmers market and consider myself an adventurer when it comes to trying new foods. I love teaching sociology because I love empowering people with knowledge and passion.

  • Ph.D Sociology, University of Oregon, December 2006
  • M.A. Sociology, University of Oregon, June 2000
  • B.A. Women's Studies and Psychology, Unversity of Cailfornia, Santa Barbara, June 1995

  • Race/Class/Gender/Sexual Inequalities
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Political Sociology
  • Political Economy
  • Macro Sociology

  • SOCL 1010 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCL 2240 Social Problems
  • SOCL 3030 Research Methods
  • SOCL 3100 Social Inequalities
  • SOCL 3600 Gender and power
  • SOCL 4030 Research analysis

  • Pacific Sociological Association
  • American Sociology Association
  • California Faculty Association