Assistant Professor, Management


College of Business Administration


Management, Operations, & Marketing



Demergasso-Bava Hall DBH228

Ph.D. in Strategic Management, Washington State University, 2019
MBA in International Business, University of Wisconsin - White Water, 2005
BS in Business Management, University of Arizona - Tucson, 2002

Business Policy, Global Competitive Strategy, Seminar in Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation, Management Theory and Practice, and Business Strategy

Disruptive innovation, corporate corruption, entrepreneurship, emerging markets, institutional anomie theory, case study, international management, and the external environment, and the effects of cultural values, and social institutions on ethical, crisis management, and other managerial outcomes

Park, B., Kim, K., Kim, S., & Geum, Y. (2024). Do Entrepreneurial Competencies Impact Competitive Agility and Entrepreneurial Satisfaction? Evidence from Startups in South Korea. Global Business Review.

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Kim, S., Parboteeah, P., Cullen, J., & Jeong, N. (2022). Social Institutions approach to Women’s firm ownership and firm bribery activity: A study of small-sized firms in emerging marketsJournal of Business Research, 144, 1333-1349.

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Parboteeah, P., & Kim, S. (2024). “Religion and Work,” in the Oxford Handbook of Religion and Economic Ethics, Barrera, Albino and Roy C. Amore (editors), Oxford University Press, 425-442.

Recipient of Stanislaus State's PCDI Research, Teaching, Professional Development Grant, AY 2019-2020

College of Business Research Publication Awards, Stanislaus State, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, & Spring 2022

Recipient of Stanislaus State’s Outstanding RSCA Professor Award for 2022-2023

The most cited article, Journal of Engineering & Technology Management published since 2020, extracted from Scopus.

Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Business Research
Ad hoc reviewer, Technovation
Ad hoc reviewer, Business & Society
Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management
Ad hoc  reviewer, Global Business Review